Voice of Resaon

Standing on the threshold of the end times of American life as we know it. Our rights given to us by our creator are being stripped away and we are no better off today as were the Hebrews enslaved by the Egyptians or the Romans.

America was the only place on earth not ruled by a king or dictator in the world. America created the corporation of the United States and created a civil war that ended with all Americans to be enslaved to a corporation we had no idea what that meant. You get a social security card and now you are a full fledged slave to this corporation. Do not get one and you are ostracized as a citizen who does not pay his fair share. Some people just automatically believe that if you don’t pay your personal income tax that you are evil and don’t support America.

They do not even know the difference in America and the United States of America. They are two entirely different ideas and structures. Instead of the United States of America having the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in which America was founded on, it is ruled by a board of trustees, comprised of mostly bankers and investors, certainly not voters. Long ago our ideas of a free society that governed itself through checks and balances in congress, by the people, disappeared. A select few with so much power and influence that they cause all your family to fail in life and business with one hone call are its rulers. They are so threatening that no one in congress dares to counter their orders.

Those, you think are in power, because they got voted into office, are only allowed to get to the ballot if they agree to follow orders. Those that don’t, do not even get to the polls and if they do they really have no chance of rallying a vote against the financial backing of the  candidates chosen by the elitist globalist.

Globalism is nothing new. It started as far back as the creation of the Fed in 1913 on Jekyll Island. I’m sure its invention is still under the same rulers that have ruled the original tribes of civilized man since his existence.

Ask yourself the hardest of questions if you don’t want simple answers. Simple answers are hand fed garbage that they want you to believe. It is not simple.

America was never a simple experiment but a greatly elaborated plan by those who have controlled mankind from the beginning. It was a nation to take over and conquer the world by our division supposedly from it. The British Empire was handed down by the Romans. Same people in charge with a different location and name. Much the same as corporations and businesses do today. Where do you think we learned it? The British Colonization brought about many nations, being born to redistribute resources and people all over the planet for the wealth of the power elite or blue bloods.

Then was born the new world for the beginning of a new world order. They knew free men with a dream would do much more than those actually enslaved as Brits. They also knew his freedom loving mind could be tricked and exploited to make it look like it was him who was choosing his own path. So King George just relinquished the British Empire’s power to America…ruling from abroad through finances as a silent partner.Unfortunate for us, we have never been anything but serfs under influence by the crown.

Still the crown exerts its pressure on the United States because without the trust money from the crown we would not exist. The crown and the Jew go hand and hand unfortunately for the common Jew. The Zionist faction of the Jew cannot be blamed for anything but being lying cheating con artist which have laws and loop holds to call them honest, which we all know are nothing but embezzlers, extortionists and con men. They invented the ponzi scheme, we call the monetary system. But to call them out as the cause is just insane. That is playing right into the hand of those that control the world.

There is a deeper, more sinister and creepy way to look at human civilization. With the advertising campaign made for the evolution theory, we have taken the wind out  of the creationist sails. Leaving her afloat but going no where fast.  All the while the evolutionist have a power driven vessel ramming full speed ahead. Yes I believe we were created and never evolved in the sense that evolution tries to sell. So here’s where the cow eats the cabbage. The spirit of man which is the very essence of his life…the spark was created. It didn’t come out chaos or big bangs. It came from a being and probably humanoid since in most religious texts it is said we are created in His image. Most of what I know about God and His will wouldn’t fill a thimble. No one knows for sure.

But back to America for a moment to tie this together. There is an entity that is deep down the rabbit hole concealed by so many layers of bull crap that they can’t be seen or blamed for anything but they are there just the same. We do not in any way control our destiny only our path taken there. I believe our creation was perverted by those who had great technology we are just now using many thousands of years later. A new breeding program has begun now in this age and you are seeing the perverting even further the human genome. With over population the cause of much of civilization’s problem tell me why you would want to make us live longer, maybe forever? Ask the hard questions.

Agenda 21 was drafted several years ago and it was drawn up in rough drafts many hundreds of years before. It has been used in communism and dictatorships for thousands of years. It is now time in history for it to come together worldwide and has America directly in its sight.

These same people I have been trying to give you a clue about are its creators and ultimate backers not governments. I believe it is the same beings who perverted the human race from the beginning of intelligent civilization. They exist in the shadows of every government on earth, which only serves their agenda. They are always whispering good advice to those we think we choose to govern us lurking behind the scenes as silent partners and financiers. Money is only one of their extortion tricks. The desires of a prosperous nation are big money and ultimate power to these beings, who have such greedy men under there control in so many high offices in the world to carry out it production. From sex to drugs. From power to money.

There is a broker that gains more for the trust controlled by the power elite which I will now name as the Illuminati. This name has been loosely defined for many thousands of years. I know some of you think the Illuminati is a new creation and claim to know when it was created and by whom. I will tell you right now you are wrong on all your information. This organization and beings are as old as mankind and older. It has gone by many titles and has chosen many a civilization to be its scapegoat. They are the great they that any leftist will call you on. It never stops at the apparent top. They are always a few layers deeper just out of most humans mind’s grasp.

Much as the same as someone hypnotized will see pink elephants floating in the room at his hypnotists suggestion, so are we when we find the existence of an evil so unimaginable, our mind shuts down and goes into protection mode. This is what you are seeing when you try to share the truth with non enlightened minds. unfortunately we need these people in our lives. They mean the world to us and we cannot think of shutting up and leaving them alone. Their safety and well being mean a lot to us or we would waste our time trying to enlighten them.

SO now that you know they are being lulled to sleep by those who want us all to be asleep, then you know that only a tragedy will wake them up. Most of us didn’t come to this by meditation or becoming a monk or joining a religious sect. Most of us have known our whole life there was something right under the surface we have always been seeking the truth about. In my estimation there are facts and then there is truth.

Facts can be found through man but truth only comes from a spiritual relationship with that spark that makes you alive. One man was on earth who was both this power and a man and His name was Jesus. Much of truth from all civilizations were clarified and refined by His words. I’m not saying that Jesus is the only truth. As I said He came to simplify and clarify many things perverted by these same men or beings, I have been pointing a finger at this whole paper.

SO now it seems we have come full circle. As you see things may most certainly not be what they appear. There is truth in the saying you cannot see the forest for the trees. These powerful people and beings are placing so many trees in your vision it is hard to see. For me personally my research of the history of mankind, its creation and the words of Jesus Christ have brought me to a deeper understanding of life than most of my peers. Does that make me smarter of better than them? No, not by any means.

I believe very few are chosen to see and then there are few chosen to lead the battle cry for freedom. The freedom that only comes from God and is continually stripped away by man calling it your choice.  I say it is time to choose sides for the end of times. God has many enemies now. a lot of them follow someone they think is Father God. He said there would be those who came calling themselves God. If you are waiting for the anti-Christ Revelations speaks about…you are a little late. The end times are not recently here, we have been going through it since the days of the prophet Daniel. Hell has been open for some time and now we are back to the days of Noah. Full circle, we have come.

The earth is going through a new growth spurt and the universe is not keeping its place. These are more signs of the end times, ending not starting. Time has come today…there are many things to be realized. You will not see any of it if you are too busy to look or listen to those of us who can short cut some of your research and arrive at enlightenment years earlier than we did. I say we like I’ve got a mouse in my pocket but I know many like me who have been shunned by their peers and family for sharing information.

I am at a point in my life where I believe my comfort and shame are nothing compared to the gravity of what mankind is going through. Some people interpret God’s word to be just love everyone through it. I see the more refined and deeper meaning to scriptures. The only for me to be introduced to Jesus was through the evil of the darkest substance. Without speaking and defining evil, I could not have ever known love. My testimony will be subject for yet another time.

Evil is real. The Illuminati are real. Lucifer or what ever other pagan God you want to call him, is real. Men are not by nature bad, they are tricked into being selfish and doing anything to get what their ego driven lives want. The choice to die without getting your hands bloody is your choice but I assure you are no better, if you lie just once a day, than those who you pay to protect you. By your own choice, you choose to let someone else get bloody so you don’t have to. It is then your sin, too. If you disagree, you are most certainly a hypocrite. I have no respect for hypocrites, whatsoever.

I am most assuredly am a sinner. So there is no harm in me wanting to protect our freedom to have a Godly civilization, by any means possible. I only hope God shows me mercy when I breath my last breath.

Quite frankly I have been a slave to disinformation for way too much of my life. It is refreshing to finally be getting somewhere on this quest  for truth and God’s righteousness that I’ve been on. More and more is revealed to each day. Some stupid people I know say all you get from the web is lies and worthless information. Granted it can be hard to find the bottom line but it is there nevertheless.

My secret is I use my own mind not the one they want me to use. Our programming is on going, if somewhere you don’t put the stop to it. TV is fun but must be discerned with every bite. Followed, without knowledge, it is the greatest tool against free thinking ever invented.

Be sure and look for the next post I will share several Facebook groups and websites that I find valuable to make my choices from following. On this blog I will share links and research as I get it as I do on my Facebook page at Freeman McDonald.

Always remember the best test to perform when researching as a Christian is does it pass the Red Letter litmus test? Jesus words are the tools, I use most to assure I am on the track, my God, the Father wants me on.

Still knowing that, I can tend to get sidetracked by ego. Jesus always puts me in check. Prayer without works is dead words falling on deaf ears. Our choices can change our own destiny and in turn, those around us. Till me meet again. Watch your six. May God be with you and bless you every moment of your life. Those who serve themselves, serve Lucifer. Jesus said plainly, we cannot serve two masters. Decide today which one you serve.


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