Happy New Year…Hopeful?

This article makes me so sick at my stomach. I was born unto the Vietnam Era and this is reminding me of what was started in Seoul, South Korea. Nothing has changed since then. Our march toward a world government was already fully under way by 1960. Murmurers of Communism were under way and soon the threat of communism in a America seemed to vanish before our eyes. That’s because they got the funding from the Illuminati to get elected into Federal positions which some of them still hold.

New Communist are born everyday seeking to sell our labor for profits to the Illuminati. That’s all this war on terror is. A way to make us all scared and be willing to pay out our pockets for protection against the very terror that is produced by our Satanic Nation’s masters. You see, Lucifer is the mist that makes it impossible to see the trees in the forest. Sometimes the mist covers the entire forest.

Our army is spread so thin and so underfunded that we are doing nothing but systematically reprogramming our soldiers for a last stand they cannot win. Not without providence. We have none of that kind of faith in the fight we are in now. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time. Our military boys are waking up to some cold hard facts.

The fact that was made that holds true to the communist angle is the G 20 nations and the Royal Arab Emirates helping in the funding. Truth be known Saudis and Royal Arab families are doing the same thing they have always done as has Islam always done. Sell arms and slaves to the highest bidder on both sides of any conflict. If you ask me. Cut off the Saudi head and you cripple the snake. Take all its gold for crimes against humanity. And take over the oil production. Bring Russia in as an ally against The New World Order and bring back order to the world.

That is if this really isn’t Prophesy that is inevitable for this time. I still think of solutions to a problem that I know only God can stop. What ever we do, we must do for God the Father and not for our valued flesh. If we fight it must be in defense of the blood that Christ shed for our choice to do so.

When you look at it this way, it is hard to not make some scary conclusions that definitely point to an end but not an end to tyranny but an end of all things we have known to be true. You cannot expect to draw conclusion with so narrow a mind that you don’t consider a much darker silent partner in the mess. If you can’t go there then you make a very weak evaluation of the situation as a whole. There is much to be said about the forest and the trees and where they both fit in reality.

Eastern philosophy will tell there is no good or bad only what is. On one hand it may be true, for what is good for one may not be good for another. But perspective comes from God not Perspective. This is also the reason for the Fall of Rome or at least its reformation into the catholic society. So if you want to know about now study the history of a civilization that has thrived for at least 6500 years and want no about who is puling strings, then you must go back to Nimrod.

The same men are empowered still across the globe. With Lucifer still in full control, more so now than ever in history. Where does all this take place now today? where are Christians being killed every day for their faith in Father God? Where other than in the land of Nimrod, Mesopotamian and Assyrian populated countries. Where does Islam come from? The same people who brought you Assur, Amun Priests, Paganism, Apollon, Zeus, and more than seventy gods that have been worshiped for over 8000 years.

I guess you can only follow this if you do not buy into the stupid ridiculous theory of Evolution. If you do then I guess there is a really big gap between giant steps of DNA changes…What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. No one can make a spark of life only distort it, pervert it. Not everyone can be reborn…It is by the hand of Father God alone that holds that key. He also holds the key to hell.

As long as The United States corporation thinks it can play God we , the American people are all doomed. Our freedoms and homes, we have built, have been build upon the sand. There cannot be a rebuilding of a house built an sand…It must be founded on rock. Petros. The rock, that is, the word of God. That it is why we made such head way in America for 100 yrs here. We were a nation under God…The new Israel…but as Jews did we did too. Turned away from the Word of God and took Man’s word instead. Then we allowed someone else to do our dirty work while we turned a blind eye. Well, freedom makes the lawyer rich. No longer allowed to defend our homes, we sit as slaves to our protection agency.

Does that sound just like Mafia? Where did the Mafia come from? Rome? Where did Rome get the ideas of civilization from?…Assiria…Sumer Mesopotamia Civilization 6000 years ago…The root is Lucifer and it always has been. Individually we can live righteously but collectively we are losing the battle. Just to guard one’s own soul is valiant but very selfish. We turn a blind eye on what is happening to Christians then we are part of the problem. We cannot pray this away but we can pray for strength to not go silently into the night.


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