The Coming Storm is far worse than Katrina

If you didn’t know, there has been new laws by executive order that permit the president to call for Martial law and without consent of Congress as many of you believe is the rules. Well folks, There are no rules as you think. We are not under the constitution you think we are. you have no rights like you think you have. And the only reason they have not taken them all away is because you still line their pockets with money you willing pay every year.

This Zika virus is the perfect plan to implement martial law and start the round ups with a shot fired. I do not think Oregon will prove to be the fuel for revolt as I wish it would. We are outnumbered because the pres can now call in UN Nato forces to help in quelling such an insurrection. We are quickly losing the element of surprise and will certainly have to resort to guerrilla tactics and prove to be a slow death to all our friends and families. Not to say I will not be up to ears in blood if it comes to that. I’m saying in this post that war on our soil is imminent.

There will be no election if martial law is implemented. Zika is perfect for the plan I stated at the beginning and the Communist News Network (CNN) is stating what you need to know to connect the same dots I have. In this article it says that the disease has currently ravaged South America for the last few months…Bells should go off right there. How does a disease that we have never identified before become a health hazard in mere months? And the fact that the world health organization already know it will spread to the whole of the American continents within months more should make more go off.

Obama made good on his promise to use executive action to expand his authority and quietly signed the order called National Defense Resources Preparedness which puts our nation in a permanent state of martial law that only needs to be activated by the President, whenever he should so choose to do so. He needs no confirmation from congress what so ever. That means… what you think doesn’t mean squat… which it really hasn’t for years because, my friends, we are already under martial law… it is just not enforced yet by curfews and restrictions on movement.

So ya better get to where you want to be and soon because once it happens unless you are trained in special forces tactics you won’t leave where you are now without complete stealth and without much in the way of provisions.

Situations are becoming more dire with each passing day. I knew this 15 years ago when I ran out the Agenda 21 to it implementation here in America. In fact it had already been sold to our public officials by NGO (non government organization who sold themselves as being part of our government) quietly for over ten years before the actual plan was rolled out after the Rio Summit. While the rest of our nation has been sleeping some of us have been doing our homework and now what we feared is rapidly taking shape as I thought it would. Like a snow ball falls down a mountain side so is Agenda 21, picking up to terminal velocity as we speak today.

Soon they will shut down Facebook for national security if not the whole information highway. Sharing of info will go away and without alternative media you will be fed info like every other communist nation in the world.

One more point for those of you who think that they wouldn’t collapse America because we provide them with too much money for them to do that. The money that they have stolen from the world has already bought them all they need for the a very long time so friends they don’t need our money at all. As a matter of fact as it stands right now not only is America at fault for everything that is happening in the world and now our economy has made us a liability. We are no longer needed in our present state to the world’s elite.

The purge of nations across the globe has already begun and Islam is not a religion, but a tool used by the worlds elite to cause chaos all over the world so we won’t see it coming…What’s coming you ask?…Real Lex Luthor style world domination… Ya think its funny, but its not.

The problem with their plan as it has been through out the history of man is we are not that easy to kill.

You better be ready to fight are be enslaved and this time with no savings account or 401K…Just go to work take what your given and go where your told and take what they give you. This is what is in store for those that choose the Governments side in this coming civil war. And my friends those will quickly become the ones who sell you out so you better have a chat with all your friends, family and co workers before it is illegal to talk about the government. Read history… this has always been the rule before a communist take over of a nation.

Final warning as the coming storm comes in many versions. We can’t be ready for all the scenarios so we must pray for providence. We must all accept that God the Father of Jesus and believe He was the son of God. He is our only hope for strength and knowledge to weather this coming storm. The very ones we look to for protection are in fact Luciferians and serve a very deceptive master as do half this nation. They do not, by any stretch of the imagination, have our best interest at heart… They have no heart. The only heart they have left… they hate because it is of God the Father.
Zika virus to spread to all but 2 countries in the Americas, WHO predicts

Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

NGO Global Network

Connected Dots Reveal that UN Military Forces Are Now Prepared to Invade the United States

Satanism 101 – Obama’s Luciferian Belief System

Jewish rabbi openly admits to satan worship, abortion in food, oppression and world domination


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